1  Personal dates


    •  Name: Elvio Accinelli.

    •  Born: in Montevideo (Uruguay) 21/2/55.

    •  Nationality: Uruguayan-Italian.

    •  Civil State: Married. Three children.

    •  Current position Professor of Economics , at the Economics School of the Free   Uiversity of San Luis Potosí, (Mexico)  and  Reaserch fellow  at the Department of Economicis of Social Sciences School of the Universidad de la República (Uruguay)

    •  University Adress: Facultad de Economia de la UASLP

Av Pintores s/n. CP; 78263, SLP. San Luis Potos,México

      •  e-mail:

    •  Tel. fax Office (++52-444) 813 12 38, ext 120.

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2  Titles and studies


    •  1984-1989 Degree studiies  in Mathematics at Sciences School, of hte  University of the Republic, (Uruguay).

    •  1989-1995 PhD. in Sciences (IMPA, Brazil), (title obtained in March of 1995).  Thesis: On Uniqueness of Equilibrium of Economies with Infinitely Many Goods, (public defense). Thesis supervisor: Aloisio Araujo.


4  Main Publications


    • Books: 


          • Crecimiento y distribuci\ón del ingreso en América Latina'', Coedición de la Facultad de Economía de la UASLP, Universidad de Gotemburgo, y Departamento de Econom'ia de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la UdelaR (Uruguay). Elvio Accinelli y Osvaldo Salas editores. Diciembre de 2010, 1a. edición 200 ejemplares, 363 páginas ISBN 978-607-7772-80-4

      • The Process of Price Formation and Social Welfare in Conditions of Existence of Market Power and Imperfect Information'' Editorial Astra-UASLP, ISBN: 978-607-7772-44-6 142 páginas, primera edición 300 ejemplares. 2010, in spanish.

        • `` Introduction to nonlinear optimization.'' ``Mathematical Contributions'' serie Textos de la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana: No. 34: (2009) 196 páginas ISBN 978-968-36-3591-4. Editorial Reverte, in spanish.

      •``Elements of the set theory and the topology in the theory of the General Equilibrium. Published by publishing AEON, Mexico. 2005. ISBN 9706549579.


     Book Chapters:

• In ``Dynamic, Game and Science'' (in Honour of Maurício Peixoto and David Rand) Series: Springer-Veralg. Proceedings in Mathematics, Vol. 1, 1st Edition, 2011, 809 p. ISBN: 978-3-642-11455-7,  and Vol. 2  1st Edition, 2011, 736 p.  ISBN 978-3-642-14787-6. Eds: Peixoto, M.; Pinto, A. and Rand, D.:
- ``A Classification of infinite dimensional Walrasian economies and the economic crisis'' Accinelli, E. and  M.Puchet. Vol. 2  ch. 4, pp 55-78.
 -``Microeconomic Foundations of the Social Crisis''  Accinelli, E. and  L. Plata.
Vol. 2  ch 3. pp 42-54.
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-``On the notion of evolutionarily stable strategies and replicator
dynamics in asymmetric two-population games.''  Accinelli, E. and
E. Carrera, Vol 1, ch. 3, pp 25-36.


        •``Imitative Behavior in a Two Population Model'' Joint work with E. Carrera and G. Brida. Annals in Dynamic Games,  vol. XI., chap ter 3. ISBN 978-08176-8088-6 Breton, Michéle,Krzysztof Szajowski (Eds). Springer-Veralg.

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        • Educational Notes: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Department of sciences: `` An introduction to dynamic optimization' ' Lima, Perú 2003.

        - Notes of Nonlinear Programming. February 2006. Available at SSRN:


        In specialized journals :

   • ``Corruption driven by imitative behavior'' Accinelli E,; Carrera, E.
Economics Letters, vol 117, pp. 84-87; May 2012. ISSN: 0165-1765.

    • "The Evolutionary Game of Poverty Traps" Accinelli E,; Carrera, E.    The Manchester School, Special Issue on Poverty Traps Vol. (80)/4, pp.381-400,  July 2012.

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Sánchez Carrera   Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 22, pp 30-40

(2011) ISSN (Print) 0954349X

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